Treatments For Long Term Joint Pain

Treatments for long term joint pain

Long term joint pain can result from conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, hereditary joint dispositions, nutritional deficiency or aging. These disorders create long term or permanent joint pain. Special care needs to be taken, and many times you will have to combine different joint pain relief products with physiotherapy, joint pain relief medicine or oil massages to gain optimum relief. Here are few methods that are conductive to long term joint pain relief:

  • When you are seeking advice for arthritis pain relief, you will be given treatment based on whether the pain you have is moderate or severe. Arthritis joint pain relief happens through regular medication like acetaminophen or Cox-2depending on several factors. However, these are not given in the drug store without an appropriate prescription.
  • Topical gels or ointments like Capsaicin are given to patients who suffer from a lot of pain. These act as pain blockers by releasing endorphins. This is especially helpful in arthritis pain relief.
  • For patients who suffer from very severe pain, injections prove to be the best joint pain relief providers. Steroid medication can be injected at times when the pain levels are too high to endure. Fluid removal injections and hyaluronan injections can also be given.
  • Physiotherapy can be a means through which long term joint pain can be controlled. Heat/Cold therapy, ultrasound massage, use of electrical impulses to stimulate nerves, manipulation, etc are introduced as part of joint pain treatment.
  • Regular oil massages, especially those that are herbal in nature, are observed to give natural joint pain relief to a certain extent. Though this treatment cannot completely rid you of your condition, it can relax the joints and the surrounding muscles.
  • Along with the joint pain relief medicine, you can use some home remedies to keep yourself stable throughout the day: wrapping up the joints with a tight brace or elastic bandage can help. You can also use knee caps to aid your knee joint pain relief treatment. Taking cold compresses using ice or hot compresses using a hot bag will also help in relaxing the joint and the surrounding areas.
  • You need to balance between rest and healthy exercising to get relief for joint pain on a permanent basis. You can do light physical activities that keep your joints’ movement intact but don’t over-strain them. You also need to rest your joints and allow them to rejuvenate.

The most important thing to consider when you have long term joint pain is to listen to your doctor. Of course there are home remedies and exercises that you need to do on your own, but not without the doctor’s consent. You could end up worsening your condition and aggravating the issue instead of getting joint pain relief.