Part of Understanding and Managing Diabetes


What is a healthy blood sugar level?

Before we start discussing the numbers behind blood sugar we want to let you know the three states of the body we will use as examples:

 1. Fasting Blood Sugar Level (This will occur most often first thing in the morning)

2. Blood Sugar within 2 Hour Post Meal

3. HbA1c Blood Sugar Level

Below is listed the Normal blood sugar levels for persons with and without diabetes.

 Fasting blood sugar

- Without Diabetes: 70-99 mg/dl or 3.9-5.5 mol/L

- *With Diabetes: 80-130 mg/dl or 4.4-7.2 mol/L

Blood sugar within 2 hours post meal

- Without Diabetes: >140mg/dl or 7.8 mol/L (

- *With Diabetes: >180 mg/dl or 10.0 mol/L 

HbA1c blood sugar level

- Without Diabetes: >5.1%

- *With Diabetes: >7.0%

*Official ADA recommendation for someone with diabetes: