Healthy Hydrating! A Recipe Guide to Fruit Infused Water

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A Guide to Fruit-Infused Water (With Recipes) 

Fruit-infused water has gained a huge amount of popularity in recent years, both from the health-conscious community and those just looking for something tasty to drink. However, there are many infused water recipes that are much, much more than a colorful way to enjoy a tasty sip after a long day. In fact, many of these infusions have some serious health benefits. Of course, the water itself plays a key role in any healthy diet, but adding lemon, cucumber, mint and other fruits, vegetables and herbs to your mix can really spice up the flavor and the benefits.

Take a look at some of these excellent recipes to learn exactly how infused water can benefit your mind and body:

Lavender Lemonade

There’s nothing quite like a glass of lemonade during a hot day. However, store-bought lemonades are typically little more than sugary, chemical-filled syrups diluted with water, and many homemade mixes are brimming with unhealthy sugars. Luckily, making your own lavender-infused lemonade is simple and easy, and much, much healthier. Slice a lemon, grab a sprig of lavender, and sweeten the mix with natural agave nectar. This mixture has several benefits, such as:

·       Energizing qualities from the fresh lemon

·       Natural sweetness with no artificial additives

·       Calming effects of lavender

Strawberry Mint Water

Another popular infusion recipe is ice-cold water with hints of strawberry and mint. The strawberries infuse nicely into the water, while the mint provides a soothing, refreshing bite to your water that makes it perfect for cooling down after a gym workout or a hot day out on the town. Slicing the strawberries and tearing the leaves before placing them in your water helps to intensify the flavor.

Blueberry Orange Water

If you have a history in art appreciation, you’ll know that blue and orange are complimentary colors. However, did you know that they’re also complimentary flavors? The sweetness of blueberries and tart, acid taste of oranges complement one another perfectly. Using mandarin oranges serves as an excellent way to make the mixture even sweeter without involving sweeteners. This mixture has several benefits as well, such as:

·       The exclusion of chemicals and unhealthy sugars

·       Antioxidants from the blueberries

·       Energy-boosting citrus from the oranges

·       A boost of vitamin c

The combinations used to create infused water are practically endless. The best way to find your favorite is, of course, to experiment. Mix and match your favorite fruits, veggies and herbs to create a calming mix or an energizing drink that’s as tasty as it is healthy.

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