Common Foods to Avoid With Diabetes

We’re here again talking about some foods that diabetics should avoid.  This is a modest list of some of the more deceiving foods to eat. While fruit and coffee seem harmless, under, certain circumstances they can spike blood sugar levels with additives and natural sugars. While insulin will be necessary, a good diet can never be ignored to maintain a steady blood sugar. This means eliminating certain foods from your diet, and the following are some of the most important ones to cut back on.

Fruit Juice

You probably know to cut back on soda if you are a diabetic, but fruit juice is not any better. It might seem like a healthy alternative, but most types of juice contain a ton of added sugar. If you really want to take advantage of the nutrients found in fruit, then just eat a whole piece of fruit. It will be much better for you.

Sweet Coffee Drinks

Regular black coffee is fine in limited amounts. However, you should avoid the fancy, decadent coffee drinks you find at certain coffee chains. These drinks contain a ton of sugar in addition to being topped with whipped cream.

Breakfast Cereals