Back Pain: An Intro

According the the National Health Service, about 80% of adults have experienced or will experience back pain at some point throughout their lives. It is the most common cause of job-related disability as well as one of the most common causes of missed work days. Men and women are equally susceptible to back pain, and contributing factors include a sedentary lifestyle and insufficient exercise, so office workers are at least as likely to suffer from back pain as people who have more physically demanding jobs.


While most incidents of back pain are considered Acute and will resolve with self-care within several weeks, this type of pain can develop into long term Chronic Pain if not properly managed. Chronic Back Pain can have a number of detrimental physical and psychological effects, so it is important to avoid where possible, and manage where unavoidable. Some of the risks associated with Chronic Back Pain include:

  • Elevated stress
  • Anxiety and negativity
  • Weight gain
  • Inability to participate in your life to the fullest extent

For these reasons, it’s important to take care of yourself and properly manage acute and chronic back pain. Our program is designed to help you do just that; we will explore Chronic Back Pain from a technical standpoint to give you a deeper understanding of what is happening to you. We will go over what you can expect from your doctor, various pain management and prevention techniques, and provide you with resources to take excellent care of yourself and minimize your discomfort. At the end of the series, you should have a deeper understanding of your own pain as well as strategies, tools, and resources to make your condition less unpleasant. Thank you for reading!