Aging With Diabetes

Aging with Diabetes

The older you get, the more difficult it may become to manage your diabetes. Aging can lead to decreased ability to control blood glucose levels and increased insulin resistance. Furthermore, it can change your metabolism, cause a poorer appetite and lower memory and other mental capabilities. To ward off these complications, there are a few steps you can take as the years go by to successfully manage your diabetes.

Stay Attentive

Pay attention to your body’s blood glucose levels. High blood glucose levels lead to complications with your condition, so stay in control of your blood sugar levels as you get older. Pay attention to your medicines as well. Stay aware of potential side effects, communicate with your physician any side effects that you experience and make sure your physician is aware of every medication you take. Don’t forget to get regular checkups for your eyes, feet, teeth and other important areas in the body to make sure any minor problems don’t turn into serious medical concerns. Many side effects of diabetes can emerge slowly and go unnoticed for some time. Make sure you’re visiting your physician on a regular basis. He or she will be able to detect certain, slow-emerging symptoms

Stay Active

Stay physically active to help keep your body healthy as you age with diabetes. Maintain an active lifestyle by exercising regularly. Aerobic exercise, such as running or swimming, is known to help regulate healthy blood glucose levels in people with diabetes. Strength training may also aid in blood glucose regulation as well as help prevent osteoporosis and maintain a healthy muscle mass to fend off a number of other medical issues.

Remain mentally active as you age with this condition as well. Develop a new hobby, learn a different language or take a class. Join a book club or set goals to finish a certain amount of books a month. Force your mind to think in different ways and learn new things and remain socially active. Connect to other people to keep your mind sharp and in control.

Stay Healthy

Your diet and habits are important factors to consider when becoming older as a diabetic. Work an adequate amount of rest into your routine to help prevent your body from developing a resistance to insulin. Stick to your diabetes diet regimen to help you keep control over your blood glucose levels and blood lipids level. Avoid excessive drinking and refrain from smoking to avoid a great number of potential complications with your diabetes.

You can’t prevent aging, but you can prevent many complications it can cause with your diabetes. Start immediately by developing a diligence in managing your diabetes. Adopt a regimen now in which you exercise your body and mind, pay attention to your diabetes and different medications and maintain healthy diets and habits.

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